Educating the Whole Child

CIA FIRST International school curriculumAt CIA FIRST International School, we believe in the “whole child” education. Every student from kindergarten through grade 12 gets English-language, arts, mathematics, social studies, music, visual and performing arts, natural sciences and physical education as core subjects.

CIA FIRST extra- and co-curricular activities complement the academic disciplines. Students may join sports teams, student government, band, choir, visual arts, and more. High school students may choose College Board Advanced Placement courses.

At CIA FIRST International School we integrate the 16 Habits of Mind in the learning process. The Habits of Mind is a set of 16 thinking skills for self-directed and lifelong learners. The understanding and application of these skills serve to aid students in working through real-life problems by using intentional strategies to gain positive outcomes.

Our unique curriculum and its accompanying extra- and co-curricular activities equip every CIA FIRST student with a breadth of experiences that produce the most well-rounded students in Cambodia. All students have opportunities to explore and cultivate their talents, setting them up to lead fruitful and fulfilling lives.

Learn more about CIA FIRST International School curriculum here.