Our goal is to promote a culture of reading at CIA FIRST International School. We have more than 7,400 books in our library and a total of 19 websites and databases to encourage in-depth research and exploration.

Our elementary and middle school classes visit the libraries on a regular basis for reading sessions. In the past year, we organized literacy campaigns, books fairs, and programs to celebrate reading.

For example, a total of 3,309 books were checked out in January 2017 during our Reading Rocks literacy campaign. It was nine times more books than were checked out the previous year.

Our Reading Ambassador program gives students in middle school and high school the opportunity to provide leadership to promote reading on campus with programs such as the Reading Quiz Bees and Read-Alouds.

There is a fine policy in place for overdue library books. A library book is considered lost when it is more than four weeks overdue. Parents of the student who has lost the book will be billed $15 and the student will be able to keep the book if it is found after the fine has been paid. There is communication with the parents and the student prior to issuing of the fine to give them the opportunity to return the book.

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