The Student Council is a team of high school students that represent the voices of the CIA FIRST International School student body. They strengthen the connection, communication, and bond between the leadership team and students of all levels. We try our best to open up opportunities for students to express themselves in all forms possible. Elections are held every single year, giving students who are committed to being involved with the Student Council the chance to step up and contribute.

This is the structure, positions, and actions that contribute to the school community:

  • President:

The President takes a lead of the team, managing roles and making sure everything runs smoothly. He/she is responsible for every project that happens in the Student Council regarding logistics, although the execution of specific actions are taken by other team members according to their roles.

  • Vice-President:

The Vice President assists the President regarding team management and consultation. He/she is responsible for the team in the absence of the Student Council President.

  • Administration Manager:

The administration manager takes notes during meetings and informs the whole school and staff about urgent matters and upcoming events.

  • Finance Manager:

The Finance Manager is responsible for the Student Council’s money matters. He/she works closely with CIA FIRST’s accounting team. He/she manages all expenses and incomes associated with Student Council events and affairs.

  • Khmer Elective Student President & VP:

The Khmer Elective Student President and Vice President are responsible for gathering and sharing information including ideas for improvement and events to/from Khmer Curriculum students to help communicate effectively with the International Curriculum.

  • Event Planning:

As it says in the title, the Event Planning President and his/her team are responsible for events. They help plan and organize most of the events during the school year such as Prom, Family Day, International Day, Children’s Day, and even Interfest at Northbridge.

  • Athletic Committee:

The Athletic Committee President and his/her team are responsible for the school’s Sports Community. Similar to the Event Planning team, they plan and organize sport related events such as the Volleyball Tournament, Sports Day, and the E-Sports’ FIFA 17 Tournament.

  • Learner’s Voice:

The person who stands not only as a Student Council member but also as a friend to hear out every student’s concerns, problems, complaints, and ideas. The bridge of communication between the students and the school, he/she must keep everyone updated and united. We set up monthly meetings to remain in touch with the class representatives. In every meeting, there are event updates, new information to be shared, and we also talk about the changes they want to see. We also help with decision-making based on what we’ve learned from the student’s voices. Every student has a voice, we help other people hear it.

Interact Club:

Interact is Rotary International’s service club for young people ages 12 to 18. In Cambodia, the Rotary Club of Phnom Penh (RCPP) has envisioned the formation of the first Interact Club in Cambodia under its New Generations Service Committee. Each year, an Interact Club is challenged to complete at least 2 community service projects, one of which furthers global understanding and goodwill. Through these efforts, members of the Interact Club (Interactors) develop a network of friendships with local and overseas clubs as well as learn the importance of developing leadership skills and personal integrity; demonstrating helpfulness and respect for others; understanding the value of individual responsibility and hard work; and advancing international understanding and goodwill. 

The Interact Club core position includes:

  • President,
  • vice president,
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Communication officer

Together, we organise charity projects using the profit from school events such as Family Day and International Children’s Day, which is then advertised through social media. (Interact Club Structure)