The purpose of our student support program at CIA FIRST  International School is to maximize the potential of students to attain the school-wide learning outcomes  (SLOs) and academic standards by offering first ­class support services.

These support services are offered through a variety of means:

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 The Language Support Program (LSP) for students struggling with English proficiency

 Assessment and support for students with special educational needs

 Counseling for those in need of social and emotional support

 Library services including individualized reading plans

 Creating partnerships with universities, NGOs and other international schools regionally and          globally

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 Career and guidance counseling services to high school students

 Encouraging active goal setting at the middle school level

Proactive and reactive health services and education

Strong policies, procedures, and training  for child protection

 Empowering students to be apart of the decision-making process through the Student            Council and Learner’s Voice

Providing community learning opportunities through guest speakers, field trips, exchange              programs, and leadership camps