Choosing an international school for your child is a very complex process. You need to be sure that school will be right for your child’s needs, provide the best education, a safe and enjoyable environment, and fit your budget at the same time. CIA FIRST International School is always here for you. By choosing CIA FIRST International School, you are securing your child’s future.

Your child will see things differently.

We involve students in a dynamic learning environment. Our students open their minds to the ideas, insights, innovations of people, countries, and societies far different from their own.

Why cia first international school

Your child will cultivate curiosity and develop self-confidence.

At CIA FIRST, your child will acquire and refine their critical-thinking and research skills, which will build their strength of character.

Why cia first international school

Your child will become a flexible, independent thinker.

CIA FIRST’s renowned and demanding curriculum ensures your child will thrive at the next level, whether that is in Cambodian or overseas higher education. Our students learn “how” to think, not “what” to think. We are preparing future leaders to excel in the 21st-century environment – locally and globally.  

Why cia first international school

Your child will have doors opened to universities all around the world.

CIA FIRST’s students are part of a global learning community that includes peers and teachers from all around the world. Global problem-solving classes and presentations about world cultures in our school curriculum create a rich tapestry of experiences that promote critical thinking, cultural literacy, and international friendships. Your child will become a citizen of the world.